Whistle Technology is an integrated technology manufacturing, sales and services company. Whistle technology is created to not only assist customers discover and buy latest health, wellness, security and other technology devices, but we have positioned ourselves to assist customers.

At whistle technology we sell both online and offline to our clients to help customers make smart purchase decisions. We also grow a community of consumers and entrepreneurs using our Network marking platform through which you Buy, Save and Grow.

We are Africans and we believe health of especially African women is one of our priorities. growing up in a poor African community has inspired us to commit to be part of the solution to especially feminine sanitation and health. We are determined to manufacture smart , anti-bacterial, low cost, sanitary products and smart affordable health and security technologies for better health monitoring security especially of the African girl child.

  • Find and tack their kids.
  • Find and track their pets.
  • Find and track their cars with affordable tracking services.
  • Monitor their heart rates.
  • Monitor their calories.
  • Count steps and more.
  • Improve their body health and energy levels.
  • Save energy.
  • Protect themselves from radiations.
  • Use organic sanitary products and more.