About Us

What is Whistle Technology?

Whistle Technology an integrated technology sales and services company. Whistle technology is created to not only assist customers discover and buy latest health, wellness, security and other technology devices, but we have positioned ourselves to assist customers.

  • find and tack their kids,
  • Find and track their pets
  • Find and track their cars with affordable tracking services
  • Monitor their heart rates
  • Monitor their calories
  • Count steps and more.
  • Improve their body health and energy levels
  • Save energy
  • Protect themselves from radiations
  • Use organic sanitary products and more

At whistle technology we sell both online and offline to our clients to help customers make smart purchase decisions. We also grow a community of consumers and entrepreneurs using our Network marking platform through which you Buy, Save and Grow

Customers can discover a variety of technology products, and purchase items directly from our website or in store. We offer additional services or assisting customers with data on their health and location of their lost items, kids, pets or cars
Whistle Technology has an ambitious vision of helping our clients live healthy lifestyles and taking care of the things that matter to clients and it’s day one for us. We are relentlessly focused on adding selected health, wellness and security technology product and making it convenient for customers to find, discover, and shop anything using our service. We are keen to hear your opinion, so, please share any feedback you may have for us. You can also follow us on facebook and Twitter.

Whistle Technology: For smart people who care about, Health, Wellness and Safety

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What can I do on Whistle technology today?

Find and Discover Smart technology Products

Find specific health technology products, wearable and smart GPS products among other product categories. Discover the perfect technology item by browsing through our categories link or by looking at the most frequently viewed products. You will even see recommendations for products similar to those you have already viewed.

Make Purchase Decisions

Get detailed information about products through our product pages and read what other customers are saying about a given product. You will see reviews written by Whistle Technology visitors as well as millions of real-time customer reviews. Evaluate buying options from multiple wearable technology and smart GPS options and select a device that best meets your needs based on price, shipping speed, shipping and return policies, and location or in-store purchase.

Share your Opinion

Become a part of the Whistle Technology community by writing customer reviews, liking products and sellers, and sharing your opinions with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, our blog or Email. Your opinions will be valuable for other customers to make their purchase decisions, just as their opinions are to you.

Can I buy products on Whistle Technology?

Yes you can buy directly from whistle technology some products and others you can buy from our shop . Certain products that use sim cards and require registration for RICA will require clients to make a once-off visit to our office or store.

Why is the service named whistle technology?

Our service is named whistle technology because we pride ourselves with providing technology services that communicate, technology services that can blow a whistle and we will be at your assistance, services that can blow a whistle and the police and other relevant authorities will be at your assistance, services that can blow a whistle about the state of your health. We appreciate how overwhelming it can be to navigate a wide variety of products, brands, sellers and shipping options, and make informed purchase decisions. Our team is relentlessly focused on organizing selection and buying options to make it simple for you to navigate our site and shop anything using our service. We feel the name reflects our passion to deliver on this ambitious goal.

Whom do I contact with questions?

Use the following contact options based on the type of question you have –

To Report Problems with Seller Listings: To report problems with seller listings on Cars and Things use the contact details (phone and email) link which is displayed the cars

and things website.
For Questions about your Account or Orders::

– For questions related to your User Account or for Orders placed on www.whistletech.co.za  , please refer to Whistle Technology Help.

Feedback: To provide general feedback about the service use the “Feedback” link which is displayed on every page at the top right hand corner.

For Media Inquiries: Visit our media room.